AW 2015 + SS 2016

by Pierre Dal Corso

Our ‘Signature’ campaign was shot locally to Lascivious, between a woodland location and a private house in Surrey, by Parisian Fashion photographer Pierre Dal Corso. The campaign features some new seasonal styles as well as a reinvention of our Classic lines, formed to create our Signature range. The colours are muted natural tones, which are seen throughout, for example, from the woodland to the wooden cladding inside the house; taking inspiration from the outside and drawing it in. Organic forms are reflected back in the slick modern glass of the house, in the same way that the lingerie forms a slick juxtaposition against our pliable natural skin. It reminds us that whilst we are able to manipulate nature, it is also the master of us - sex, sensuality, the luxury and the organically formed is all connected.

Photographer: Pierre Dal Corso
Model: Kyla Close @ Premier
Hair and Make-up: Rachel Jones @ Terri Manduca
Assisted by: Lucy Ensum + Tara O’Donovan