Five of the best.. Lascivious First Times

The first time is always memorable! So we thought we’d start our series of Lascivious highlights with our founder Chloe Hamblen, as she reflects on five of her favourite Lascivious first times…

Party 2005
The first party we ever threw was to celebrate the launch of our collaborative playing card project (another first) and to celebrate our first year. It was at the now defunct Aka bar in Covent Garden; we had DJ’s, models, strawberry margaritas, goody bags, ‘hanky spanky’ girls and comedy magician Pete Firman to entertain the crowds. The playing cards themselves were a wonderfully creative project with illustrators from all over the world - 52 different designs, plus the joker, each one with an individual image around the theme of eroticism/lasciviousness. The party celebrated this with card tricks from the fabulous Pete Firman, lingerie models and hostesses from the Coco De Mer store spanking our guests.. good times!

Vogue 2008
Any designer will tell you that being featured in Vogue magazine is like receiving the official fashion stamp of approval. We’ve been thrilled to be featured multiple times in the German, Russian and British issues of this fashion bible, but nothing beats the first time! Our first time in Vogue was back in August 2008, with a striking black and white image of our Milla frame bra. A defining moment in our history - it adorned our studio wall for many years. 

Rihanna 2009
When Rihanna wore our Milla bra under a strappy top for the FROW at Paris Fashion week in 2009, it felt like we’d made it - a Lascivious bra on one of the hottest women in the world, at the John Paul Gaultier show during Paris Fashion Week. Serious fashion kudos and a Lascivious first. A photo of Rihanna, next to Katie Perry and John Paul Gaultier nearly made my little head explode with joy. It still makes me smile.

Selfridges 2010
Selfridges is a department store that in my view has one of the best lingerie departments in London. It was a place that I worked as a student, managing the Myla concession for a summer whilst its founders were away and around the same time that Agent Provocateur had its first store-in-store there. It was on my most coveted stores list for many years and after going on the charm offensive we finally got our wish in 2010. The store opened our debut with a gorgeous mannequin display - a very proud moment. The following years saw us do several Christmas exclusives for the store, including a gold version of our Kitty bra and an embellished white Candy bodysuit.

Coolbrands 2012/13
I had followed the Coolbrands books for years prior to our nomination. I remember taking polaroids at Storm models during a casting and seeing a shelf full of that years Coolbrands edition, naturally with Storm featured in its pages. I remember thinking how amazing it would be to sit alongside those ‘cool’ brands. I learnt that that you were unable to nominate yourself for it, there was nothing I could do to let them know we existed, it was entirely down to market research and a panel of judges. The day I received the phone call, back in 2012, I literally screamed down the phone. We have since received the accolade again, for 2016-17, which is almost unheard of for a small independent brand and makes it all the more special. Its nice to have our coolness confirmed, officially.



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