Dame T talks Lascivious

"I have been covering lingerie for years now, but I always find my favorites are the ‘classics’ of the lingerie golden age, and one of those exemplary lingerie powerhouses is undoubtedly Lascivious. It’s rare to see a brand produce so many iconic collections and styles in such a short timeframe. It’s almost impossible to look at some of my favorite editorials and magazines from a few years back without recognizing Lascivious pieces in many of them. Lascivious not only represents innovation and absolute creative spirit, yet also one of the most underrated but crucial aspects of any industry: the spirit of collaboration. It was one of the few brands that actively worked alongside other creatives and launched insanely successful collections in collaboration with names such as Sian Hoffman, Mr William Wilde and others. All of that is due to the fact that Lascivious was in many ways ahead of its time, as supporting other creators is something that we only now begin to appreciate and acknowledge as an important value. It’s synergetic spirit still shines through and is still something to be celebrated as we look back at the success and beauty that they created across the years. I can’t wait to see how they navigate this new chapter in a very different kind of industry than the one they left behind and how this iconic label grows and matures in the future. My hope is that they will continue to add to their impeccable legacy and impress us even further."

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