Our Favourite Five Ouvert Knickers

Every lingerie drawer needs at least one pair of ouvert knickers. Here are our top picks from some of our favourite luxury lingerie brands... 

La Fille d’O
Halt Briefs 
Challenge convention with this simple yet daring ouvert brief by La Fille d’O.
Bordelle - Bondage Harness Brief
Get some bondage attitude with this luxurious ouvert harness brief by Bordelle.
LasciviousKitty Ouvert
Lascivious’ signature Kitty ouvert offers feminine, tulle ruffles and a naughty back opening for play.

Damaris Archimedes V Knicker
Damaris' refreshing take on an open back knicker, combining delicate lace and bold cut-outs. 

Loveday London - Superstition Ouvert Thong

 Loveday London's leather and lace ouvert thong perfectly embraces their hardcore romance style.

                                                      Header Photo Credit: Photographer - Szymon Brodziak

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